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The most precious resources in Summed. We support and divide the work in each other’s specialized field, and enhance the value of medical device startups together. Our professions cover all value chain so we can move forward the world from Taiwan.


Chen Jiawei

Former clinical director in business department of Intuitive Surgical Inc., specializing in sales of Da Vinci Surgical System, and is skilled in surgical product education planning, marketing, and channel management


Dr. Chen Jiexiao

Brain Navi Founder and CEO


Attending doctor in CMUH, specializing in the development of medical device innovation, with more than 50 international patents.


Dr. Renling Wang

Pass Biomed R&D director


Being familiar with biomedical product development, medical regulations, and pre-clinical testing planning, product design development and improving biomedical product release schedule.


Chen Shijie

Precision Vice General Manager


Being excel in medical device manufacture. He once worked as healthcare business department manager in BenQ Materials Corp, in charge of quality management system with GMP management experience in China and Taiwan.


Dr. Ke Jinhe

Coatmed General Manager


Specialized in polymer application and macromolecular characteristics, especially in implantable medical device coating techniques.


Dr. Yang Zhengdian

CUUMED General Manager


Was managing director in TS Medtec and project director in ITRI, owns 30 patents and has experience in global high-end catheter field.


Tsai Minghong

Attorney in Charge in Living Stones Attorney-at-Law


Skillful in biotechnology, medical device IP strategy planning, language violence and blackmail solutions regarding medical dispute litigation.


Tsai Tenghui

ShareHope Medicine Project Vice General Manager


Speaker for medical and healthcare issues and a columnist, striving for a diverse healthcare environment.


Dr. Liu Binghuang

Team Adventure President


Good at accessing, analyzing, designing, conducting trial lesson, and team leading techniques.


Dr. Yip Jianxian

Summed Bio-manager


Worked in ITRI and Medical device innovation center in NCKU, mainly in charge of R&D, and owning over 60 invention patents.


Yang Huiwen

Summed Bio-manager


Has many-year experience in electro-optical industry, once worked as chief operating officer in IVD startup. She is familiar with analyzing market and new technologies, product blueprinting and marketing.


Qiu Chuangzheng

Joeasy Tech Project Manager/administrator


Familiar with equipment automation software development, testing, verification, and validation.


Cai Xingjun

Summed Bio-manager


President in Jia Chen Co., dedicating to the equipment and technology of digitally producing high-density dental bridges and crowns, and is one of the winners of 2015 Women Entrepreneurship Award.


Huang Wenshan

Summed Bio-manager


With international inter-industry human resources experience. She was HR assistant manager in Baxter and Takeda, specialized in strategic partnership and HR six-part management.


Dr. Qiu Yingzhen

Summed Bio-manager


Dr. Ciou is the present president of Guan Sin Asset Management Co.

. He founded his own brand of industrial computer, focusing on R&D, manufacture, quality assurance and marketing in IT manufacturing industry.


Dr. He Hongfa

Founder of Happyrd Software Co.

Dr. He was a professor in NTNU electrical engineering department, technical advisor in multiple technology companies in China and Taiwan. He excels in patent strategy and patent search.


Chen Hongqi

MedicalTek General Manager


Worked as business department head in global medical companies. His professional skills include business model construction, marketing & channel strategy, and operations management.


Jiang Zhongping

Bravocaremax Executive Director


With many-year experience as business department head in Megaforce. He is skilled in product development and integration management in precision manufacturing.


Guo Yucheng

Chinese & Western Medicine Doctor


Practice combination of science and traditional Chinese medicine, and clinical integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine. He engages in applying Chinese medicine channel theory in clinical treatments.


Dr. Wang Yaohong

Assistant professor in YUMT and the founder of Pigmodel Animal Technology Co. Dr. Wang has conducted research on pig model in preclinical testing for many years.

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