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Summed Vision

- Summed invests in crucial technologies of medical devices, carries positions, then conduct feasibility study. Once selected, bio-managers will help accelerate product development, construct business model by introducing a comprehensive organizational structure into the company. After ensuring mass production and profitability, the product can enter the market.

- We believe Taiwan’s supply chain and clinical technology innovation momentum make it the promising global innovation and mass production base of medical instruments. Summed co-invests and invites fund, professional groups, techniques, and marketing partners, to develop medical device industry in Taiwan.

management team


Yi-ping, Hong

Founder & CEO

President Hong has dedicated to medical devices industry for over 40 years, and founded Beamed Instruments in 1990, of which clients are mainly world-renowned corporations. By steady function of sales channels and direct information from clinical experience, he sophisticatedly integrated precision manufacturing, QMS/ISO, and CE/FDA, then invested in the foundation of LAGIS Enterprise, which is specialized in the massive production of MIS laparoscope consumptive devices and instruments, marketing towards the world as a private brand “LAGIS.” LAGIS was in emerging market in 2019. Its sales revenue is mainly from Europe for 29%, then Japan for 22%, Taiwan for 21%, Korea for 12%, and China for 5%. The preliminary earning is 3.06 billion in the first-three quarters in 2019, with gross margin ratio 53.06%


Xiao-Wei, Tang


Dr. Tang works as trainer in the Ministry of Science and Technology for STB (Stanford-Taiwan Biomedical Fellowship Program) and RAISE program, and conduct medical devices Silicon Valley innovation model in Medeon Biodesign. Terumo corporation gained the franchise of Dr. Tang’s invention, XProTM System (IVC-C01), for 50 million. As one of the founding members in Medeon Biodesign, Dr. Tang has accumulated knowledge, acquired experience, and devoted effort along the different stages: research, project management and enterprise development. He utilized risk assessment and allocation strategy to distribute investment and entrepreneurial exit at a proper time, and earned even 200 times over the original investment


Jun-Jie, Wang

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Wang has a Ph. D. in Life Sciences from National Cheng Kung University, majoring in signal transduction and molecular cancer. He was a collaborative researcher in Medical Device Innovation Center in NCKU, researcher in Sunmax Co., RD and QA manager in Acro Biomedical Co., quality director in Foxxmed Co., and associate professor in TUMT and CUMT, etc., and participated in the production of biological materials, dressings, barrier membranes, bone graft, hypodermic needles, absorbable sutures, high flow nasal cannulas, and MIS devices. He also has experience of several certifications, for example, GMP, ISO 13485, 510K, CE, and registration.

Dr. Wang is currently focusing on regulation of medical devices and IPD (Integrated Product Development): assisting planning schedule, aiming at getting certified. He ensures company goals and product progress by bringing in regulations at the primary stage, then designs goals according to indications of product from perspectives of material resource, physical and chemical attributes, safety, effectiveness, risk assessment, and clinical assessment.


Allen Chen

Deputy Chief Executive Officer
President of MicroInsturment Medical Technology Co., Ltd

MBA,UNC Charlotte, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

As a clinical sale professional skilled and experienced in Minimal Invasive Surgery field with over 26 years in homes, businesses, and management. Possesses an excellent working knowledge of relevant clinical sales marketing as well as the ability to trained the sales team for robotic surgery skill to surgeons.

18 years sales experienced in da Vinci robotic product. I bring forth a strong work proactive and the desire to assist surgeon's with making their robotic training and development as effective as possible. 

I expanded my role and responsibility to be district supervisor and people manager for sales for leadership development. Leverage various working experience within the surgical device industry, I can learn the customer insight quickly, and transfer to strategy in terms of product development/market expansion with significant business impact to company and individual brand.


Li-te, yang

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Graduated from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering of National Cheng Kung University and the Graduate school of Technology and Innovation Management of National Chengchi University.

  • Former Product Manager of BeaMed Instruments Co., R&D Manager of Atom Health Co., Marketing Director of Whoscall Co., and Growth Director of Hangzhou Danyue Technology Co. He developed and negotiated import and the exclusive agency of numbers of promising medical devices in Taiwan. In addition, he assists in cross-departmental integration and the implementation of growth strategy.

Expertise in industry analysis, market growth strategy, business model analysis, medical device investment evaluation.

Chuan-En Lin (Ken Lin)

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

UC Berkeley Haas Venture Capital Executive Education Certification and Master's degree in Zoology from National Taiwan University and Bachelor's degree in Life Science from National Taiwan University.

Current CEO of Abies Asset Management Consulting Co.,Ltd.and Chairman of En-Yi Asset Management Consulting Co., Ltd and  Board member of CUUMed Catheter Medical Co., Ltd and Vice President of Summed Medtech Innovation Platform and entrepreneur in residence for Smart Capital.
Former Associate Business Unit Director of BIOTRONIK, CRM & EP Division.

· Global asset allocation and planning
· Investment and post-investment management in healthcare startups
· Fundraising and valuation for healthcare enterprises


Summed Public
Explanatory Seminar

Summed holds public explanatory seminar on a regular basis

-Explaining about Summed

-Introducing Summed’s Portfolio companies

-Introducing strategic partners

-Sharing channels information



-external startups (proposal, collaboration)

-external professional consulting service (legal, financial)

-external investment institute (angel, startup investing)

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